Argan Oil Benefits

Essence Of Argan Oil Benefits - MoroccanoilArgan oil benefits are as plentiful as the many uses for Argan oil, which is one reason why it has become such a popular product.

The oil can be used on your hair, but most people use it for a variety of skin problems.

But apart from that, there are some other Argan oil benefits that are perhaps less obvious.

Argan Oil Benefits #1 – It’s Natural!

The ingredients of Argan oil are 100% natural, so there is no need for many of the synthetics that other cosmetic products contain.

The proven ingredients include Vitamin E (a powerful anti-oxidant), Essential Fatty Acids (these help with suppleness and act as anti-inflammatories), Carotenes (has anti-again properties), and Squalenes (helps absorption).

Why buy something that contains synthetic versions of ingredients that are present naturally in this Moroccan oil?

Argan Oil Benefits #2 – It’s Safe!

To start with, it’s completely safe – so safe, in fact, that you can actually consume it.

I bet you wouldn’t want to do that with most of your cosmetic products! I know I wouldn’t, because if you actually investigate what goes into them, you’ll find all sorts of toxic filler ingredients. Check out what’s on your dressing table, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Of course, Argan oil isn’t just used for cosmetic purposes – it is also sold as a cooking oil too.

The way I look at it is this – why would I want to put something on my body if I wouldn’t be happy putting it in my body?

Argan Oil Benefits #3 – It’s Easy To Use!

Next, unlike many cosmetic products, Argan oil treatment is very quick and easy, whether you’re using it on your hair, on your skin, or even in your bath water.

Argan Oil Benefits #4 – It’s Versatile!

A lot of cosmetic products are one-dimensional, meaning you can only use them for a single purpose.

But not so with Argan oil.

You can apply it directly, mix it in with other creams and lotions, use it as a carrier oil, spritz it on your hair, add it to your bath, dab it on your lips, or use it as a pre-shampoo treatment.

Argan Oil Benefits #5 – It’s Fast Acting!

Argan oil is absorbed directly into your hair, instead of simply coating it, which means the results can be seen really quickly.

Argan Oil Benefits #6 – It’s Economical!

This may sound like a strange thing to say about a product that is actually relatively expensive, but one of the biggest benefits of Argan oil is that you only need to use a couple of drops, twice a day, to see noticeable improvements in your skin, say.

So in the long run, it’s not as expensive as many of the other products on the market, and it’s certainly a lot more effective.

Argan Oil Benefits #7 – It’s Fair!

What do I mean by this?

As I said in the introduction to organic Argan oil, Argan trees are now grown under protection (by UNESCO), and that means that the Berber women who harvest and process these nuts can get a fair wage.

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Argan Oil Health Benefits Summary

What more can you want from a single product? It’s natural, safe, easy to use, fast-acting, versatile, economical, and on top of all that, it helps to preserve the Berber way of life and a tree that was heading for extinction.

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Argan Oil Benefits – It’s Nature’s Answer To Botox, And More!

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