Organic Argan Oil

Essence Of Argan - Organic Argan OilWelcome to Organic Argan Oil Reviews, where I'll be looking into a centuries-old natural product that has all sorts of benefits for your skin and hair.

You may not have heard of this product before, so…

What Is Organic Argan Oil?

Essence Of Argan, the best Argan oil product I've found, comes from a tree called argania spinosa (the scientific name of the Argan tree) which is endemic to southwestern Morocco.

This species once covered large parts of North Africa, but is now classified as an endangered species. A special biosphere reserve has been created to help protect this ancient and valuable tree, but because it is now grown in such a restricted area, it is one of the rarest oils in the world.

The oil itself is made from Argan nut kernels, which are pressed to extract the oil within.

The resulting extract is then used to make both edible Argan oil, for cooking, and the sort that is of so much interest to men and women everywhere - the oil that is used for skin and hair treatment.

So, now that I've answered the question, "what is Moroccan oil?" (yes, that's another name for this product, as is Marrakesh oil), let's talk about…

Organic Argan Oil Uses

Although you will find plenty of Argan oil recipes, I'm going to concentrate primarily on the health and beauty aspects of this product, as that is what has got people so excited.

As I said earlier, it can be used on your hair as well as for all sorts of skin issues (including acne), and I've put together a short list of Argan oil benefits on a separate page, so please check that out for more specific information.

You may also be wondering about the…

Moroccan Oil Ingredients

I was too, but don't worry - this product is 100% pure Argan oil, which is why they call it Nature's answer to Botox!

And because it's pure, organic Argan oil is safe to use on youngsters too.

How To Use Moroccan Oil

You can either apply this directly to your skin - all it takes is a few drops, so it goes a long way (which is good news for those of you, like me, who are economical), but you can also put a few drops in your bath water if you like.

Where Can I Get Organic Argan Oil?

Find out where to buy Argan oil - and why I'd rather buy from this source than anywhere else.

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Organic Argan Oil - Nature's Answer To Botox!

Argan Oil Benefits

Argan oil benefits are as plentiful as the many uses for Argan oil, which is one reason why it has become such a popular product.

The oil can be used on your hair, but most people use it for a variety of skin problems.

But apart from that, there are some other Argan oil benefits that are perhaps less obvious.


Argan Oil For Skin

You can use Argan oil for skin issues of all types, including acne, calluses, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and wrinkles (as well as various hair problems, which I'll talk about separately).

It will also help with the effects of smoking, exposure to the sun, bad skincare and bad dietary habits, all of which can leave their mark, literally, on your skin and, particularly, your face.

But even if your skin is currently looking good, Argan oil can help both moisturize and protect it, making sure you continue to look good for years to come.

So, what is it about organic Argan oil that makes it such an excellent product for your skin?

Well, I've looked into this in great detail, and this is what I've found.


Argan Oil For Hair

As well as being a great product for your skin, you can use Argan oil for hair treatment too, most notably, dry scalp, itchiness, dandruff, an inability to grow long hair and even hair loss.

And as with skin, even if you don't have any problems with your hair right now, Argan oil can help protect it.

But supposing you have minor damage, such as split ends? No problem - all you need to do is spritz a bit of Argan oil on your hair and you've got yourself an instant defrizz!

So which ingredients in this Moroccan hair oil offer the best benefits?


Buy Argan Oil

If you want to know where to buy Moroccan oil, then there are plenty of sources, but you do need to be very careful about where you buy Argan oil.

One of the big issues is that, because it is quite expensive, some manufacturers will dilute it to help bring the price down. (This is a well-known but underhand practice in many industries, so why should the beauty and cosmetics business be any different?)

In my opinion, however, buying one of these products is a false economy, because if you don't have a pure product, then you simply won't get all of the Argan oil benefits.

And that means you'll need to buy more of the supposedly cheaper product to get the job done - which in the long run will end up costing you more.


Where To Buy Moroccan Oil

If you're already aware of the many benefits benefits of Argan oil and are wondering where to buy Moroccan oil, then here are a few options for you: